December 25th Food Diary

Calories: 1690

Another family tradition of ours is that I’m in charge of Christmas brunch. The stakes were high this year since it’s my first time finally being steadfast in my veganism at Christmas, since I formerly caved and used eggs etc. in brunches for them. But this time I made the vegan bananas foster cinnamon rolls I’d come up with and tested earlier!

Thankfully they were a hit, even with my rather critical brother. But I ate way too much… partly out of nervousness, partly because Christmas season probably launched me into a big carb/sugar-eating phase. I want to go back to being on my own and eating all fruits and veggies! It was effortless to eat at a deficit while at school. Now it’s a struggle to even stay below maintenance. I’m really hoping this ends soon and I can get back to my better way of eating while still at home for break.

Oh, and then we had a Turkish-style Christmas dinner, and I replaced their food by having almost entirely veggies and hummus and baba ganoush, along with a bit of koftesi (lentil balls). And my boyfriend got me my favorite (stupidly expensive) almond butter as part of my Christmas present so he was all excited about me eating it… so I ate some for dessert. It was delicious of course, but now we have way too much nut butter around (4 opened jars!)… it never fails to be my downfall.

Then I found out a friend died–I’d heard he was critically injured in a car accident the day before (probably also leading to me eating so much over the last 2 days), but he ended up passing on Christmas day. Luckily my emotionless boyfriend was with me when my friend told me the news so that softened the blow a bit… but I still ended up having dark chocolate covered almonds as some kind of coping response. It didn’t really help. 😦

Christmas morning cinnamon rolls (before adding toppings)

Turkish veggie-feast

Exercise: walked 2.6 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 70
  • Cinnamon rolls: 530


  • Leftover vegan fondue + almond butter + dates (with family): 370


  • Veggies, hummus, koftesi, almond butter, dates: 600


  • Chocolate covered almonds: 115

Total: 1690 |      Exercise: 345

Net: 1345

Protein: 48g 


December 24th Food Diary

Calories: 1445

Day 2 of crazy family eating. I had my coffee and tea from 8am to noon as usual, then joined them for their lox bagel feast… by making my own cream cheese substitute. And I snagged the last whole wheat bagel, woo! But despite the fact that I didn’t want gluten or that many calories, I was pretty happy that I came up with such a good cream cheese alternative.

Then at dinner, I had to think up yet another cheese substitute, since we have a Christmas eve fondue tradition: they had their fondue with sausage and bread cubes (and some veggies), I had my new low cal cauli-tofu cheese sauce with lots of veggies and apples. That was all only about 100 cals, then I ate some almond butter and dates for dessert since they were breaking out fancy (nonvegan) gingerbread my mom brought back from Germany, and not being able to eat it was a tad depressing.

This is almost certainly my best Christmas eve yet calorie-wise, though. And it was lovely actually knowing the calorie counts for once–in the past I relied on wild guesses on how much cheese I’d dipped my veggies and bread into, and I didn’t even know many of the ingredients in the first place. Now I had an exact count because I made it myself!


Bagel with vegan avocado-tofu cream cheese


My veganized fondue!

Exercise: walked 2.5 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 140


  • Bagel with homemade avocado-tofu vegan cream cheese + tomatoes: 565


  • Homemade vegan fondue with veggies; apple and almond butter: 330


  • Pear and almond butter: 100
  • Cookies: 310

Total: 1445 |      Exercise: 215

Net: 1230

Protein: 54g 


December 23rd Food Diary

Calories: 1910

Day 1 of crazy eating, since my brother and SIL being in town means constant food.

I started the day off wonderfully by taking a fasted (+ iced coffee) beach walk with my best friend, and then ran a bit with my brother after my noon smoothie bowl, but it went south in the afternoon. I took my brother, SIL, and boyfriend to the beach, and we had a great time there… until my brother announced that he was hungry. At 2. So of course I was happy and excited to be with them and took them to one of my favorite Mexican places. BAD IDEA. I ate tons of chips with guacamole and black beans on them. Delicious and decently healthy, but really unnecessary.

And then at 6 we had our Italian dinner reservation. I told myself I wouldn’t eat any of the bread, but carb binge mode was already activated. What a nightmare. At least the only vegan option was a salad without the cheese, so I avoided any further damage there. And then my boyfriend wanted more of my super good cookies from last post because they ran out so fast, so I made him a batch. And ate a bunch.

Yep, baaadd food day.

Morning walk with Palm trees and Pellegrino

And then the food craziness began. The others got ceviche, so that left even more black beans and guac for me..

Exercise: walked/ran 5 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 80


  • Smoothie bowl: 420
  • Date: 40


  • Chips, guac, black beans: 600
  • Italian bread, salad: 535


  • Vegan chocolate chip cookies: 240

Total: 1910 |      Exercise: 640

Net: 1270

Protein: 61g 

December 22nd Food Diary

Calories: 950

Got my hair done, went with my boyfriend to the mall, ran around taking photos of my cat and bees, and was generally active despite a longer than normal fast (which is usually 15-16 hours; aka intermittent fasting)… which I broke at 3pm. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but just a few months ago I would have thought my blood sugar would be killing me by then.

At night I made chocolate chip cookies for my friends/family/boyfriend, and managed to just have 1.5–no binge!
And most importantly, they were a hit. The whole batch disappeared in a few hours, despite them being vegan and gluten free (and my family usually harshly judges such foods).

Also, I picked up my brother and his wife (aka my SIL) from the airport and they were supportive of my veganism/lifting, woo!


The cookies: vegan, gluten-free salted double chocolate chip


One of my bee shots from the day

Exercise: Walked/ran 5 miles + 30 minutes bodyweight

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 80


  • Godiva dark chocolate pearls: 50
  • Smoothie bowl: 420


  • Broccoli tomato soup: 130


  • Date: 40
  • Cookies: 140
  • Edamame (post-workout): 100

Total: 950 |      Exercise: 605

Net: 350

Protein: 53g 

December 21st Food Diary

Calories: 1365

Things weren’t so good food-wise. I made cinnamon rolls to test out my Christmas day breakfast recipe–I’m an expert at normal cinnamon rolls, but this was my first time making vegan ones–and they turned out great. I thought up a bananas foster version to make them more gourmet, which involved caramelized bananas, walnut paste, and a chocolate-mocha sauce for the top!

Unfortunately, I ended up having a whole one for breakfast. And I went on a dinner date with my boyfriend and got curry because it was the only vegan thing on the menu (the salads all had meat and weird sauces and the soups were all chicken-broth based–and the waiters would have been too confused for substitution.) And then I had another cinnamon roll afterwards because of my boyfriend’s mom: when I brought the leftovers to his house and served them up to him and his friends/sister, his mom said “what, so you’re just going to watch them eat without having one?” So that was awkward. I had like 3/4 of one and his sister ate the rest, but still. It was more cinnamon roll than I needed for a day!

Anyways, the good news: I estimated my cinnamon roll calorie count to within 30 cals! On a total guess! I’m becoming a bit of an expert at calorie estimation. 😛 (At night I calculated them exactly, but had guessed during the day.)

12-20-14 123 small

Exercise: Walked 3 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 80


  • Cinnamon roll: 270
  • Hummus, carrots: 130


  • Thai curry with tofu, veggies, brown rice: 455


  • Cinnamon roll: 250
  • Dates with pecan butter (sigh): 170

Total: 1365 |      Exercise: 355

Net: 1010

Protein: 32g 

December 20th Food Diary

Calories: 1110

So happy. I think I have all A+s this semester. I seem to have Berkeley all figured out now… and yet I struggle to lose weight/undo the skinnyfat!

I did a Whole Foods run in the morning, and wrapped presents for much of the day. In the evening I picked up my boyfriend from the airport, and I managed to get away with just having a pickle when we went to get dinner, and just had some raisins at his house! (I’d had some veggies beforehand.) I did end up going overboard on the dates and pecan butter during the day, though… I snacked out of frustration while still trying to fix the internet here.  And then had more at night. Sigh.


Rhubarb, strawberry, banana, flax, avocado, protein powder! (The avo/protein are most of the cals)

Exercise: Walked 3 miles

Food Diary


  • Strawberry rhubarb smoothie bowl: 430


  • Coffee, tea: 80
  • Dates, pecan butter: 220


  • Tofu and veggies: 90
  • Big pickle and raisins: 80


  • Dates, nuts, pecan butter: 210

Total: 1110 |      Exercise: 340

Net: 770

Protein: 45g 

December 19th Food Diary

Calories: 900

So my internet here is awful, but hopefully this will go through!

I spent the day packing and being at the airport, and managed to throw out all the food I had to.  And of course, my first order of business once home was to walk straight to Sprouts and fill the fridge with veggies and soymilk, even though I have my car. So I managed to get my minimum of 7000 steps (~3miles) a day in despite being sick!

And when I got home, I gushed to my parents about how happy I’ve been being fully vegan and how bad the Thanksgiving dairy-eating was for my body etc. etc. (that’s the main argument I’m using since they aren’t so convinced by the morality part–the fact that dairy KILLS my stomach, skin, and hormones. And eggs are just gross.), and they’re actually pretty supportive of me staying that way because they say I’m glowing, and I look and act so healthy despite being sick!! So, although they’re not supportive-supportive, they’re not resisting/angry. So that’s a HUGE relief. My first fully vegan Christmas!
Of course, the struggle doesn’t end there because I’ll be constantly surrounded by horrible nonvegan food and I’m weak in the face of peer pressure these days. The hardest to resist will be my whole family when we’re together (when my brother and my sister in law get in town) and my boyfriend. Wish me luck!

But I think I’ll try to make lists of things I resisted (that I remember at least) that were offered to me, to help keep motivated. Today was: a giant soft pretzel from my friend at the airport, a giant box of tater tots, garlic cheese fries, a burger (which really wasn’t a question of resistance because meat is no longer food to me after 8 years of vegetarianism, but it filled the house with potentially binge-inducing smells), chocolate covered almonds (vegan but high cal), all from my parents. My dad’s foreign grad student brought him a gift of massive amounts of junkfood so we had all that craziness in the house, I guess they thought that that’s what Americans like… my parents usually eat much, much healthier than that.

So instead of all that, I had broccoli, kale, and mushrooms, followed by half an apple with a bit of homemade walnut-pecan butter I whipped up, plus a medjool date. Life is good!

I was very well prepared for all my flight delays: tofu jerky, sweet potato discs, and an apple (which I saved for that night). No crappy airport food temptations for me!

Exercise: Walked 3.8 miles

Food Diary


  • Grape-strawberry-lemon smoothie bowl: 420


  • Tofu, sweet potato: 200


  • Sauteed veggies with nutritional yeast: 45
  • Apple with date and pecan-walnut butter: 175


  • A few more sweet potato discs: 60

Total: 900 |      Exercise: 470

Net: 430

Protein: 45g