About me

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I’m Miche, and I’m a 24 year old vegan PhD student. By day I’m a cognitive neuroscience researcher, but by night, I make videos on all types of scientific studies related to veganism. (Actually, I’ve also started researching vegan diets and cognition, so I guess I research veganism by day now too. 🙂 )

I initially started this blog to document my fat loss and muscle gain efforts, but that part of my life is no longer as big of a deal to me: I met my goals! I started as a skinnyfat, yo-yo dieter alternating between binging and restricting, on the cusp of an underweight BMI but with no muscle to speak of. But I started lifting in September 2014, and I fell in love. Between then and 2016, I gained 12 pounds of muscle and lost 11 pounds of fat according to body composition scans: I went from an almost unhealthy body fat percent (30%) to the middle of the fit range (23%)! I still lift for maintenance, and I imagine I’ve gained more muscle since then, but I haven’t paid to get it tested again. I’ve also found that I prefer running, so my current fitness goal is to keep running further distances!

And most importantly, I can eat like a normal human now: whenever I’m hungry, whatever food sounds good (mostly healthy foods), without binging or restricting. No more calorie or macro counting for me! If you’re interested in how to start eating intuitively, I made a video about my journey to intuitive eating with tips on how to get there yourself.

In addition to my interest in fitness and my longstanding addiction to cooking and baking, I’m a professional photographer, and an avid vegetable gardener!

I don’t post as much here as I used to–if you’re curious about what I’m up to (or eating), I post videos on youtube and daily photos on my Instagram!